In a good way

Somehow the kids all ended up in our bed last night watching the Olympics on our small bedroom tv. In between the races, we were all laughing and realizing how much happened in our weekend. When the finally went to bed, my husband and I reminisced about our wonderful family filled farm weekend. Our weekend began early Saturday with prepping for chicken processing. All the kids are involved, plus a few extra friends that we appreciate so much.

It’s moving pretty efficiently at this point, the day goes so quickly, and it never feels like work. By mid afternoon we clean up and have a few drinks. Kids headed off to the pool, enjoying every splendid moment of a perfect day. I took a walk through part of the property I had never seen! Hubby cleared it out last week and I was eager to see what was back nestled in the woods. We finished the day with homemade pizzas gathered around the kitchen table, filled with laughter and exhaustion combined.

Sunday we were out early to church, hubby had of course already done the feed circuit. We stopped at our favorite farm stand for fresh veggies on the way home.  We made homemade waffles and bacon for brunch, and talked about our plans for the day. We headed back to the processing room and bagged and sealed about 100 of the prior days chickens. Labeled, weighed, and inventoried, they were promptly trucked to the freezers. Meanwhile, we decided to open the farm for any customers who might want to come buy fresh chickens and eggs, so the kids set up the table, and got ready for that.

Right on time, customers started showing up! This was our first time, so of course we were excited to meet them and share our little piece of heaven with them. My beloved Kathleen came over too, she and her husband would spend dinner with us in celebration of a successful weekend. We laughed and talked some more, roasted a few chickens for dinner, and headed to our bed for snuggles, ice cream and Olympics.

This weekend was glorious. I mean perfectly, happily, glorious. We worked hard, but we did it as a family. We played, laughed, and loved. I never dreamed when we started this crazy adventure that this kind of simplicity would overwhelm my very existence. To me, this is what life is all about. It is so full I am bursting at the seams. It is hard, but wonderfully rewarding. It is work, but work with a true purpose. We are different, but in a good way.

2 thoughts on “In a good way

  1. Robbie

    Ok..So after reading your blogs I wonder why you stopped! I LOVE them Kelly. You have a knack for blogging and I find myself wanting more.. more of how your farm and family are evolving. You have a good thing going and I am excited to hear (and the pics) whats next.


    • twinhillsfarm

      You are so sweet! I find it so hard to force myself to sit down and blog about what’s happening, but I do enjoy it. One of my summer goals is to get this started again. Thanks for the kind words!


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