Autumn morning

“The morning air was at it’s coolest just before the light touched the dark.  When the light rose the birds opened the scene as the leaves fell.  I sat quiet and waited.”

As the sun is barely cresting the horizon I am heading out to visit all the babies in their fields. Our new heifers are huddled next to the Goat Barn, a sign that they are settling in to their new normal. The goats are anxiously awaiting their morning rations. They push at me as I bring in their food, like the starving kids they are.

The rooster is still nestled high up in the apple tree, I’ve beat him at his morning wake up call. His hens are anxiously awaiting their release. As soon as the coop is opened they race around the front yard, spreading their wings as if they might fly. They are barely interested in their feed tray, the heavy dew has brought so many new delicious offerings up from the earth.

Of course the piglets are still asleep. Snoring loudly in the morning light they only awaken when I dump last nights dinner scraps in to their trough. Then the squealing begins. As they rush to me these little cuties turn almost violent, fighting for their fair share of the good stuff. One comes up from the may lay with potato skins on her nose only to have it snatched off by another.

This is morning. The dew is heavy and the air is crisp and clean. As I walk back to the house I hear a leaf fall through the tree.  There are no devices in this scene, no urgent expectations, no vibrations from impending texts, no phone calls to return.   This is the extraordinary morning we have been blessed with, full of beauty, on this peaceful autumn morning.

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