The Journey

The beauty of the word journey is that it describes the process.  There is usually a beginning and an end, but the beauty is in the midst of the movement.  It is within that midst that we begin this adventure.  Many years ago, each in our own way, we found that the pace of life, the pursuit of physical things, and the choices we made to get there were no longer sustainable.  It was overwhelming, exhausting, and empty.  We decided to begin to pursue this life with intention that reached beyond us. We chose a decidedly simple pace and tried to out give our blessings.  In that process, we rediscovered our faith and found joy in the simple, the peaceful, the imperfect.  We’ve found beauty abounding in every facet of life, we just had to strip away the clutter that was hiding it.

In the midst of the search for effortless beauty a passion was ignited, a passion for food and sustainable living.  Following that pursuit we began searching for a little bit of land that would allow our family to continue to grow.  That journey has been long, filled with anticipation and waiting, frustrations and new awareness, all in the beautiful unfolding that has brought us to this place.  Here we will grow our food, raise our own animals, and treat the land and every living being with respect, because we know God has only loaned us this privilege for a time.  In turn, this land and all it possesses, will feed and grow our family in ways we have yet to imagine.

So welcome to our journey.  Welcome to new experiences, new understandings, new adventures.  We know there is much to learn.  We know there will be difficulties.  We know there is beauty that surrounds us at every turn.  And in that knowledge we proceed with joy.

We hope that in sharing our journey, our readers will also in turn find the simple beauties that already exist in their lives.  We hope that those we touch will think more consciously about the daily choices they make.  We hope that those who have an interest will in turn learn about the necessity and importance of their food and the land from which it comes from.  Again, welcome.  Welcome to our journey, settled between the twin hills.


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