Who We Are

We are the Bender’s.  A crazy, loving, blended family.  Humbled, honest, imperfect, and forgiving.



We are the love birds who brought this beautiful mess together.  Both tax accountants, we own Total Business Solutions in Warrendale, and keep track of taxes and numbers for lots of folks.  Growing a small garden together became the catalyst for the life we live today.  As we started to study how to grow food organically, we became increasingly aware of the quality of food available, the inhumanity of animal treatment, and the synthetic world that has become commonplace in our food.  Loving real, whole, food, our ultimate dream is to grow or raise everything our family eats.  In addition to the quality of food, our family has grown and bonded and matured in finding the peace that comes from being intentional and connected to food and nature.  With the gift of finding Twin Hills, we also feel it is our strong responsibility to ensure that our family and our land is preserved and maintained for future generations.  Don is number 1 “Chicken Tender” and can often be found somewhere on the farm taking care of something or someone.  Kelly is known for starting crazy ideas and commissioning everyone to join in.  She is frequently reminded “Yes, this is my circus, and those are your monkeys.”



The newlyweds were married only months before Twin Hills started. They have been figuring out married life and farming life hand in hand. Josh is a controller for a tech company and Jean is a lover of children and teaches tumbling to little ones. Josh is a close second on the chicken tender status, and works alongside his dad every chance he gets. Jean dreams of restoring an old slurry store to a beach island oasis.  Josh and Jean will also be adding the fourth generation to the farm later this summer!



Known to all as “mom mom”, Bonnie graciously gave up her single suburban life to join this brood in the country. Recently retired, she keeps active by growing herbs, babysitting dogs, and running the occasional carpool. Always cooking more than we think we need, there is always room for an extra chair at her kitchen table.



Currently studying to be an accountant, Joe has definitely decided he will follow in to the family business. We liken him to Prince Harry, he knows he is royalty, but he’s far down the line for the throne.  He is a beast on the farm, strong and smart, and is the creative and green thumb of the gardening endeavors.




Jess is our little smarty pants. Also off studying at college, she puts her schooling at a top priority. She is studying to be a speech pathologist, and is missed dearly while she’s away at school or traveling the world.  She is also a talented artist, music lover, and loves the beach.



Kendall has not fully adopted the homestead lifestyle quite yet.  She enjoys baking and cleaning, but is quite squeamish when it comes to chicken processing.  As a swimmer, her dream is for us to install an Olympic length pool somewhere on the farm.



Jackson has settled himself in to the role of littlest brother quite well.  He is regularly called upon to do the jobs that nobody else wants to do.  The perks, of course, are that he learned how to drive a full size pickup and skid steer at 11.  He is a passionate, kind-hearted young man who has embraced the simple life wholeheartedly.  In his free time, he will be strumming a guitar on the back porch, building a tree house and volunteering at church.



Kate is the devoted animal lover of our homestead.  Hoping to be a veterinarian when she grows up, she is most happy by herself talking with every animal on the farm.  She is a gymnast, a lover of books and movies, and the happiest kid you’ve ever met.



Jerome was the best farm dog we’ve ever met.  Sadly, his life was cut short due to a mysterious defect.  He will always be our CHAMP and has left a void in our hearts.


Juju is our newest puppy to join the ranks.  He is a ball of energy with a curly tail.  He’s figured out quickly his role as chicken herder, and loves to play ball.